The Biotic Wave.....Intelligent Microcurrent
The New Fountain of Youth!

Micro Current Facial Equipment Biotic Wave

Beauty Body Wellness Healthy Aging Centers located in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area offer cutting-edge microcurrent face and body treatments.
These impedance controlled microcurrent treatments increase collagen, elastin, improve skin tone and re-educate muscle. All of the treatments give rapid and deep lasting results for damaged skin and muscle atrophy, preventative care and pre and post operative surgical procedures. Feel relaxed, yet energized as you return to more

The Impedance-Controlled Microcurrent Advantage

1. Easier and longer lasting results than other microcurrent devices

2. The computer has a large micro-chip and artificial intelligence

3. A crystal locked system (stabilizes frequencies)

4. 2 Channels that allow the therapist to give 2 treatments at the same time

5. 3 Modes, manual, toning lifting and firming

6. Reads tissue impedance


Biotic Wave
Microcurrent Facial Biotic Wave