What Your Under Eyes Are Telling You: “They Are Directly Related to Organs and Toxic Habits”

So you ask yourself, “Why are my under eyes so puffy? Why do I have dark circles? Why do I have small bumps around my eyes? Why is there loss of elasticity and why are there wrinkles?”

Well, there are several reasons for these unattractive looks.

See if you fall into any of the following scenarios:

1. I am in my 40′s.
When you get into your 40′s, you develop a fat pad under your eye, which is bad enough. Then toxins start to build up over this pad and make it appear larger.

2. I have sinus issues.
Inflammation occurs under the eye with sinus issues and if you have a fat pad as well, then it is double trouble.

3. I’m not moving my bowels after every meal.
In order to do this, you must eat, then poop like a baby. Your under eyes are directly related to your kidneys and not pooping becomes a domino effect for the liver and kidneys.

4. I drink wine or alcohol almost every day.
This leads to a toxic build up under the eye and will age you much faster, not to mention put on weight.

5. I don’t get enough sleep.
Over time, this syndrome will give you dark circles and puffiness.

6. I smoke cigarettes and/or use recreational drugs.
This causes pre-mature wrinkling and lack of oxygen, which cause dark circles.

6. I have been out in the sun to get a tan and also while doing sports activities.
This leads to loss of collagen and elastin, fine lines and wrinkles.


So what can I do to help overcome these issues?
-In my experience over the years, I can help people reduce these symptoms with my microcurrent “Eye Focus Treatments”. These treatments are done with my new computer, the Biotic Wave.

-I recommend people to partake in an herbal bowel cleanse, which helps with the toxins and will also extend their life.

-I remind people that many are allergic to the tannens in wine, and that alcohol is debilitating to the system–making you older, faster.

-Try to partake in meditation and deep breathing. This will help with sleep, promote oxygen to the system and in turn, eliminate dark circles.

Overall, remember to not be so hard on yourself. Now that you are more educated on these subjects, you can start addressing these problems by making positive choices to change your situation.

Health and Happiness,
Anna Marie Colavito

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Energy Medicine and You

You’re not getting older, you’re getting better – right? Do you want your outside to look as good as your inside feels? Do you want your skin to reflect all the good things you’re doing for your body like working out hard, playing harder, eating right, exercising, taking care of yourself, your family and your health? Is your face drooping, sagging and creeping slowly downwards while you’re still up and at ‘em and full of life? Is your skin getting older faster than you’d like? Wouldn’t you like to see results and improvement for all of these aging problems in a faster, more economical way? If you’re looking for ways to look younger, feel healthier, and create more energy in your life, energy medicine might be the right choice for you.
Energy Medicine, in the form of mechanical energy, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism or light can turn back the clock and help you to look and feel better – all in a shorter period of time than most other skin treatments available. Energy medicine harnesses the power of all these types of energy and puts them to work for you by improving your cosmetic and medical needs by producing increased and dramatic results, especially when having treatments done with the Biotic Wave Microcurrent System.
Energy cosmetics can help change your outward appearance by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin under the eyes, eliminating and softening those disturbing frown lines. It lifts the eyebrow muscles and jowls by stimulating ATP in the muscles. It also softens those nasty aging deep wrinkles, eliminating puffiness and dark under-eye circles. Your body can benefit by lifting your breasts and buttocks and smoothing cellulite. All of this can result in giving you a younger and more attractive look.
Not only will your outward appearance change once you’ve experienced these amazing energy healing techniques but there can also be some profound inner changes such as reduced stress, deep relaxation, reduced inflammation, relief from sinus pressure, reduced pain and the reduction of scar tissue. Health and beauty specialists like Dr. Oz and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona (now CEO of Canyon Ranch) agree that energy medicine is the wave of the future. So get on board and start looking younger and feeling healthier with energy medicine!

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A Message from Anna Marie about Cancer and Spray Tanning

Dear Clients and Friends,

I was motivated to research and write about this topic for a very personal reason. One of my close friends and clients was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her Doctor informed her that it was caused by her on-going spray tanning. After she recently passed away I decided to research the pros and cons and share it with all of you.

Please link to the articles below, which, will educate you in order for you to make an informed choice on coloring your skin. “I believe everything in life should be done in moderation”.

Here are my findings:

The Daily Caller
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Cellular Extraction Facial for a clearer complexion

As the weather changes, so does your skin. Fall and winter are the perfect time to work on reversing the sun damage the summer season may have caused. This is the time of year to exfoliate, deep clean and ultra hydrate your skin.

The Cellular Extraction Facial is a deep cleansing facial offered at Beauty Body Wellness, perfect for this time of year. Gentle microcurrent treatment penetrates skin deeply, purging debris and toxins. Exfoliating fruit extracts of papaya, malic acid from apples and tartaric acid from grapes gently aid in the exfoliation process, increasing the refinement of skin texture. Hands-on extractions will clear clogged pores. Soothing blends of Aloe, arnica, jasmine and chamomile along with microcurrent maximize smoothing and soothing to quickly eliminate any redness or irritation. The micro current treatment firms and lifts the muscles of the face, helping to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines. We finish the facial with hydrating serums, oils and moisturizers selected specifically for your skin. Your skin will appreciate this extra attention, and you will leave with a cleaner, clearer and glowing complexion.

Ria Blackburn offers the Cellular Extraction Facial exclusively at BBW Mill Valley.

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The Ultimate Nap Treatment

This treatment balances the right and left hemisphere of the brain when clipped to the ear lobe. The headband balances the frontal lobe, which is the emotional center of the brain. It assimilates four hours of electro-sleep within 15 to 20 minutes while relaxing the entire muscle system. The other benefits are;  reducing pain, jet lag, stress, anxiety, depression, symptoms occurring with PMS, menopause, tooth grinding, ADD, PTSD,  and various addictions such as; alcoholism, drugs, food cravings and smoking. After the treatment you will feel rested with a sense of well-being.

call for more information : 415-383-8551

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Electro Focus Massage Treatment | Ultimate Nap

Would you like to receive a massage that goes deep into the muscles and breaks down the fascia, relieving sore muscles, inflammation and pain? The BBW focused microcurrent massage goes  deeper than a hands-on massage. It will quickly eliminate pain in the neck, shoulders, back muscles and lower back in just thirty minutes. The micro current penetrates the cells and re-programs the muscles. You can add on the “Ultimate Nap” which puts you into an Alpha/Theta state in five minutes, relaxes your muscles, relieves stress and assimilates four hours of sleep within fifteen minutes. By the end of the thirty minute session you will have eight hours of sleep by adding the Ultimate Nap.

This unique massage eliminates toxins in the muscles, stimulates the spine and revs up the circulation. You can be confident that this thirty minute session is like seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist, but with faster long-lasting results. You can also add on a thirty minute hands on massage at our Mill Valley location with Ria. Feel like you had a weekends rest, relieved from aching muscles and pain from your neck down to your lower back!

 “I love the electro-massage. I have had treatments after hurting myself playing tennis and it takes away the pain and relaxes me in just 30 minutes.”

Michael Colavito

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The Science of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) molecules are the strongest distribution vehicles for energy in the body.  The breakdown of ADP into ATP yields energy and is achieved when the phosphate bond is cleaved.  This energy is utilized in almost every cellular reaction, not the least of which is: (1) Muscle contraction (2) Protein synthesis (3) Nerve transmission and (4) The Transport of macromolecules across cell membranes.

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) molecules

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Opening in Mill Valley !

Beauty Body Wellness is opening a new location on February 13th in Mill Valley, CA.
655 Redwood Hwy Suite 107, Mill Valley, CA 94941 at Shelter Bay
To celebrate Beauty Body Wellness is offering its clients in Mill Valley only
Buy 2 of any Treatment and Get the 3rd Free
20% off any skin or body product
Micro current cellular rejuvenation treatments stimulate collagen, elastin and lift muscles on the face and body. It beaks down scar tissue, reduces inflammation and bruising, exfoliates, reduces pain and balances the brain.
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Eliminate Botox and Fillers with BBW Microcurrent

I have found that our BBW microcurrent focused treatments eliminate scar tissue, which builds up under the area and create frown lines, eye lines, deep wrinkles and upper lip lines. These lines occur with repetitive movement while awake and asleep as well as sun damage. In most cases it is a combination of both. The treatments lift the muscles and smooth out the smile lines (labial fold), and lift the eyebrows and jowls. It also metabolizes fat under the chin. The specific probes that we use break up the fibrosis scar tissue under the skin as well as smooth out the topical lines, which tend to scar the skin. We teach you how to stop repetitive movement and recommend things you can do at home. Many of our clients over the years have either eliminated Botox and Fillers, or extended the life of these procedures. There isn’t any down time and these treatments aren’t a band aid approach. The multiple focuses get to the root cause, eliminate, cost less money and are more holistic.

I have personally lifted my brows and have dramatically softened my frown lines and jowls.

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BBW Organ Cleansing with Microcurrent Therapy

The Beauty Body Wellness Organ Cleanse

Microcurrent organ cleansing is performed on the entire abdomen of the body. It offers a gentle detox, it not only detoxifies the colon; it also purges toxins from the heart muscle to the descending colon, adrenal glands and kidneys. It promotes optimum circulation to these organ systems without any feelings of discomfort. Continue reading

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