Electro Focus Massage Treatment | Ultimate Nap

Would you like to receive a massage that goes deep into the muscles and breaks down the fascia, relieving sore muscles, inflammation and pain? The BBW focused microcurrent massage goes  deeper than a hands-on massage. It will quickly eliminate pain in the neck, shoulders, back muscles and lower back in just thirty minutes. The micro current penetrates the cells and re-programs the muscles. You can add on the “Ultimate Nap” which puts you into an Alpha/Theta state in five minutes, relaxes your muscles, relieves stress and assimilates four hours of sleep within fifteen minutes. By the end of the thirty minute session you will have eight hours of sleep by adding the Ultimate Nap.

This unique massage eliminates toxins in the muscles, stimulates the spine and revs up the circulation. You can be confident that this thirty minute session is like seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist, but with faster long-lasting results. You can also add on a thirty minute hands on massage at our Mill Valley location with Ria. Feel like you had a weekends rest, relieved from aching muscles and pain from your neck down to your lower back!

 “I love the electro-massage. I have had treatments after hurting myself playing tennis and it takes away the pain and relaxes me in just 30 minutes.”

Michael Colavito

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