Cellular Extraction Facial for a clearer complexion

As the weather changes, so does your skin. Fall and winter are the perfect time to work on reversing the sun damage the summer season may have caused. This is the time of year to exfoliate, deep clean and ultra hydrate your skin.

The Cellular Extraction Facial is a deep cleansing facial offered at Beauty Body Wellness, perfect for this time of year. Gentle microcurrent treatment penetrates skin deeply, purging debris and toxins. Exfoliating fruit extracts of papaya, malic acid from apples and tartaric acid from grapes gently aid in the exfoliation process, increasing the refinement of skin texture. Hands-on extractions will clear clogged pores. Soothing blends of Aloe, arnica, jasmine and chamomile along with microcurrent maximize smoothing and soothing to quickly eliminate any redness or irritation. The micro current treatment firms and lifts the muscles of the face, helping to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines. We finish the facial with hydrating serums, oils and moisturizers selected specifically for your skin. Your skin will appreciate this extra attention, and you will leave with a cleaner, clearer and glowing complexion.

Ria Blackburn offers the Cellular Extraction Facial exclusively at BBW Mill Valley.

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