"After Anna Marie gave me my first Energy Facial, I was amazed at the remarkable improvement in the texture, firmness and vibrancy of my skin. I was thrilled to see the amazing results the cellulite treatments had on the ridges on my legs, which smoothed out and the cellulite disappeared. As an additional bonus, the treatment energized and strengthened my muscles, bringing elasticity and tone back to them. I am in my 60s and have experienced many beauty treatments, but this has given me the best results by far, I was so impressed with the technology, I purchased the instrument so that I could share this wonderful anti-aging discovery with my clients."

- Aleta St. James
Author of "Life Shift", renowned energy healer of the 21st century,
life coach, and performer of healing concerts.

"I am excited about the introduction of the microcurrent technology and the amazing results in anti-aging and detoxification that it produces. It should be a part of every woman's routine."

- Lavinia Errico
Founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs and Spas

"The best way to help you understand the magnitude of my healing with microcurrent technology is to tell you that medical doctors told me that my breast skin simply would not live, following a mastectomy. Not only did the skin stay alive, but it healed with little scarring and I was able to undergo breast reconstructive surgery fourteen months later without any problems. I have my breast and best of all I was able to keep the nipple and my femininity as well. The surgeon that performed the reconstruction will attest that he had never seen such a badly damaged breast following a mastectomy, nor had he ever seen such a miraculous healing. Anna Marie treated me for 8 days at my home in France and trained my massage therapist to do the treatments. After 6 weeks of treatment I was able to raise my arm fully and go skiing. My eternal thanks are with the people who developed these instruments"

- Kathy Ojjeh
Geneva, Switzerland

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Look and feel younger with the most advanced cellular rejuvenation treatments to date. You will relax and yet be energized as your body and skin regenerates from the inside out. The intelligent microcurrent computer used in their unique treatments analyzes your individual cellular structure and directs the exact amount of current necessary to dramatically increase your collagen, elastin and muscle tone.