The Biotic Wave.......Intelaligent Microcurrent The New Fountain of Youth!

Beauty Body Wellness Healthy Aging Centers located in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area offer cutting-edge microcurrent face and body treatments. 

Micro Current Facial Equipment Biotic Wave

Beauty Body Wellness Healthy Aging Centers located in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area offer cutting-edge microcurrent face and body treatments. 
These impedance controlled microcurrent treatments increase collagen, elastin, improve skin tone and re-educate muscle. All of the treatments give rapid and deep lasting results for damaged skin and muscle atrophy, preventative care and pre and post operative surgical procedures. Feel relaxed, yet energized as you return to balance.

The Impedance-Controlled Microcurrent Advantage

1. Easier and longer lasting results than other microcurrent devices

2. The computer has a large micro-chip and artificial intelligence

3. A crystal locked system (stabilizes frequencies)

4. 2 Channels that allow the therapist to give 2 treatments at the same time

5. 3 Modes, manual, toning lifting and firming

6. Reads tissue impedance


Look and feel younger with the most advanced cellular rejuvenation treatments to date. You will relax and yet be energized as your body and skin regenerates from the inside out. The intelligent microcurrent computer used in their unique treatments analyzes your individual cellular structure and directs the exact amount of current necessary to dramatically increase your collagen, elastin and muscle tone.

Vanessa Williams

"Anna Marie’s impedance controlled microcurrent treatments give me remarkable health and beauty results. My buttock lifts, arms and abdomen become firmer, and the thigh cellulite treatment dissolves fat! I tell all my friends as well as many health & beauty editors and TV show hosts about this technology whenever asked about my beauty secrets. I believe it’s a secret worth sharing and I recently purchased a Biotic Wave for my home use."

Carolyn Murphy

"The Rejuvenating Miracle Facial relieves my stress from head to toe. I often come in for a facial before an important event like a photo shoot or movie premiere. As a busy working mother, I find Anna Marie’s microcurrent treatments to be essential for feeling and looking great."

Sarah Joy Miller

"I have been receiving treatments from Anna Marie since 2006. I cannot say enough about how incredible the Biotic Wave is! The immediate difference in the texture and health of my skin is an absolute miracle. One of the amazing benefits as well is the incredible effect it has on my voice and the whole area of my throat. As an opera singer, it has felt like a secret weapon and has saved me many times when I haven’t been feeling well. There are so many uses and benefits for this technology and I love owning a Biotic Wave."

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Professional BBW treatments are a great way to resurface, smooth, and brighten skin and look younger. Rejuvenate, brighten and firm your skin so you look and feel younger. We can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation, all while improving elasticity with our unique skin treatments. 

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